Born in a small town in the South of Wales, United Kingdom, it was at the young age of five I discovered an interest in the art of British baking. My Grandmother took great pleasure in teaching me how to perfect the Welsh cake.

At the age of eighteen, I moved to the beautifully quaint town of Cheltenham, England to continue my studies. Upon finishing my studies, I had the urge to see more of the world. I soon got employed as an international flight attendant with British Airways, and relocated to the city of London. It was London where I soon became accustomed to regular meet ups with my girlfriends on a Saturday afternoon for champagne and afternoon tea. I have discovered a love for baking over the years, and a lot of research (involving a lot of eating cake!) has gone into perfecting these handmade delicacies. 

While traveling the world, working as a flight attendant throughout my twenties, and always meeting people from all over the world, I became dedicated to showcasing some of the finest deserts to come out of Great Britain. It soon became evident to me that people from all over wanted to taste and to know more about these classic cakes with royal roots.

While not in the kitchen, you'll mostly find me adjusting to the Canadian way of life. I am currently learning the language of love (J'aime manger des gateaux :-)).  I have recently learnt to ski.... broken bones pending! I am also loving discovering so many new foods here too- poutine is a firm favourite. Canada is beautiful, and I am living every day to the full in this beautiful country, as there is so much to explore and discover.

Now settled in the city of Montreal, I want to spread my knowledge and love for these well known delicious teacakes and biscuits.  Whether it be for a birthday celebration, afternoon tea, or a family gathering, there is a beautiful British cake suited to every occasion.